Throwback Thursday: Pictures worth 500 billion words?

“Ladies and gentlemen, a picture is not worth a thousand words. We found some pictures that are worth 500 billion words,” said Dr. Erez Aiden, during his TEDxBoston talk.

This Throwback Thursday we travel back to 2011 with Aiden, before he was an assistant professor of genetics at Baylor College of Medicine. Aiden takes the TED stage with former Harvard University colleague Jean-Baptiste Michel. They discuss a web tool they helped develop that would eventually become Google Labs’ Ngram viewer.

Aiden’s research also includes a collaboration that invented the Hi-C method for three-dimensional genome sequencing. He subsequently led the team that reported the first three dimensional map of the human genome. His lab continues to develop powerful new technologies and methods for interrogating genomes in three dimensions.

He was recently named the newest McNair Scholar at Baylor. The McNair Scholar program at the College identifies established and rising stars in biomedical research to be recruited to Baylor. The program is supported by the Robert and Janice McNair Foundation and managed by the McNair Medical Institute.

-By Audrey M. Marks

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