50 years of promoting heart health

This February marks the golden anniversary of American Heart Month, first proclaimed by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

According to the American Heart Association,  715,000 Americans have a heart attack each year. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women; approximately 600,000 people die from heart disease across the country each year—that’s 1 out of every 4 deaths.

Eating healthy and exercising are well-known tips to keep your heart healthy, but doctors at Baylor College of Medicine say don’t forget about physician follow-ups.

“Many times people will see a doctor and receive a diagnosis of high cholesterol or blood pressure, for example, but they won’t follow up with another appointment,” said Dr. Joseph Coselli, professor of surgery at Baylor.   


“You have to be responsible for your health and make important changes to keep your heart healthy,” Coselli said.

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By Audrey M. Marks and Andy Phifer

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