New research, treatment in breast cancer presented at SABCS

Dr. Kent Osborne
Dr. Kent Osborne

While the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium officially kicked off yesterday, today was the first day that new scientific and clinical data was presented.

Experts and research teams from around the world shared information on treatment options for screening, prevention and disease management. New treatment options for HER2-positive breast cancer patients were also presented today.

Baylor College of Medicine’s very own Dr. Kent Osborne, director of the NCI-designated Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center and Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center, and a co-director of the meeting, moderated one of the day’s most important press briefings.

Osborne addressed a variety of media outlets, providing his expert commentary about new trends in breast cancer management. He said  the trend is “less and less therapy” for certain cancer types.

In addition to new scientific presentations, College faculty participated in educational forums for conference attendees.

Dr. Jeff Rosen, distinguished service professor of molecular and cellular biology, moderated a discussion on therapeutic implications of cancer stem cells, while Dr. Malcolm Brenner, professor and a member of the Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, led a discussion on adoptive t-cell therapy.

Watch for tomorrow’s recap for new information on the biology of breast cancer, symptom management, new drug combinations and new options for prevention.

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-By Glenna Picton

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