Tips for exposing kids to new foods

Children taste different flavors in foods than adults do and according to an expert at Baylor College of Medicine, exposing children to various foods early and often will help them develop a taste for different foods.

“Children have sensitive taste buds,” said Roberta Anding, registered dietitian with BCM. “Certain foods may have a stronger taste for them than they do for adults.”


Anding offers the following tips:

  • It can take 10 to 15 food exposures for the child to like the food.
  • Don’t force or cajole the child to eat – it may make them less likely to try the food again.
  • Ask they at least take one bite of the food.
  • Try introducing the food again when the child is hungry.
  •  80 percent of taste is smell – try introducing raw vegetables rather than cooked since they have less strong of a smell.
  •  Don’t hide vegetables and fruits under sauces and toppings, most of which are unhealthy.
  •  Don’t reward children with food – it elevates the status of food and makes certain foods or treats more valuable.
  •  Set an example as a parent – if you cringe at the sight of a certain food, they will too

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One thought on “Tips for exposing kids to new foods

  • This is so necessary! And I am starting to believe that you can’t start soon enough. A family friend has started her baby immediately on solid fruits and vegetables (often steamed.) The little six month old already has a huge palate including avocado and watermelon. One has to watch for choking hazards of course but this way children become accustomed to good foods at the start and learn how to chew for the sake of chewing!


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