In case you missed it: New medicine academy, surprising skin cancer stats and more

Busy week? Catch up on events, announcements, as well as medical, health, and education news you may have missed.

In Case You Missed ItBCM, HISD to create Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan

Middle school students in Houston Independent School District will have a new opportunity to challenge themselves academically in science and math, as well as explore the health sciences.

“Having been in Houston for 70 years, Baylor College of Medicine has always had a commitment to the community, especially when it comes to educating young people in the fields of science and math and encouraging them to pursue careers in medicine,” Dr. Paul Klotman, president and CEO of BCM, said. “The Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan is a great addition to the BCM family and we look forward to working with HISD in providing the best education for future generations.”

Read the news release with details of the new magnet school.

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Dr. Ervin Adam’s story

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 8, we shared the story of Dr. Ervin Adam, Baylor College of Medicine professor of molecular viology and microbiology. Before coming to BCM, or even Houston, Adam escaped from Hungarian police, eluded Nazis and  survived time in concentration camps.

Read Dr. Adam’s inspiring story and learn more about his pioneering career in medicine that includes helping eradicate polio in the Czech Republic, and pioneer geriatrics in Houston. 

Pass the sunscreen

Protection from ultraviolet rays is the best way to prevent skin cancer. So it’s surprising to learn that even after surviving an incredibly deadly form of skin cancer, there is a segment of melanoma survivors who aren’t reaching for SPF protection.

This week Yale University researchers reported 27.3 percent melanoma survivors said they don’t use sunscreen when they go out into the sun, with some even crawling back into tanning beds.

Time magazine’s Healthland blog talks to the lead investigator.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say skip the tanning bed and suggest shade, clothing, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are a better idea.

Germs where you least expect them

Where do you think most of the germs in your kitchen lurk? Did you consider refrigerator water dispensers? What about the rubber gasket on most blenders?

The NSF International, a  public nonprofit health organization, published a new report of likely places and appliances that are housing germs in the kitchen.

The New York Times’ Well blog has the report.

Get more tips from BCM experts on safely preparing foods.

By Audrey M. Marks

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