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Best Grad Schools RankingsWe’ve seen it here in the halls of Baylor College of Medicine, and now the numbers are starting to reflect it. BCM continues to move forward, improve and grow – we are now ranked in the top 20 medical colleges in U.S. News & World Report jumping to number 18 in research-intensive U.S. medical schools. See more information in the College’s news release.

It is thanks to the tremendous work of our trainees, faculty, staff, alumni, and support from the Board of Trustees and community that we have continued to move up the ranks each year.

Dr. Paul Klotman
Dr. Paul Klotman

These numbers reflect the effort and focus the BCM community puts towards ensuring the very best educational opportunities are available for students and faculty alike.

Our efforts include recruiting the best new faces to work with our current top notch faculty to train the next generation of physicians and researchers, improving healthcare through new growth such as the Baylor College of Medicine Medical Center, continuing the groundbreaking research that our scientists conduct here at BCM, implementing new leadership to guide us as we move forward, and strengthening our relationships with our affiliated teaching hospitals.

Dr. Paul Klotman, president and CEO of Baylor College of Medicine

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