Health care policy and partnerships: What has changed since COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced individuals and organizations alike to re-strategize and prioritize goals, postpone events and initiatives, and alter offerings. But this discomfort has also bred innovation and strengthened collaborations – helping us begin to combat COVID-19 via diagnostic testing and vaccine development and rollout. It also forged new protocols for crisis management, forced critical group discussion of key ethical questions about access and allocation, and led to new efforts to enhance and streamline patient care.


With a post-pandemic world on the horizon, what critical partnerships will be most important moving forward? How should we do things differently, and who will we need to partner with (and how) to be effective in the future? What opportunities did the COVID-19 response reveal to better meet the needs of today’s ever-changing healthcare system?

On Tuesday, May 4, we invite you to join our half-day Health and Science Policy Research Day to hear from top policy experts throughout the Texas Medical Center who are paving the way and creating new opportunities that will change how we think about, interact with and deliver healthcare.

We are bringing perspectives from industry, government and community groups to the forefront with three panel discussions and a keynote. And, we have challenged our moderators to ask provocative questions that elicit lessons learned and advice for ensuring a more resilient future.

Below are some recent media articles by and quotes from some of our panelists to get a sense of their perspective and what they plan to talk about at our event:

Opinion pieces

Interviews and quotes

Register for the event and check out the full agenda.

-By Clarice Jacobson, senior business strategy and development associate, Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Baylor College of Medicine

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