Match Day 2018 by the numbers

It’s a match! This morning, fourth-year Baylor College of Medicine students learned where they will go after graduation to train for their residency programs. See the results for Match Day 2018:


See a further breakdown of where the class matched by clicking on the graphic below.


3 thoughts on “Match Day 2018 by the numbers

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  • For those few that cried and were heartbroken and disappointed:

    You will be stronger, a better physician and a better person after your residency.

    Why? Every day you will absorb your training, interactions with patients staff and attending with a keen sensitivity and analysis of every detail. The chip on your shoulder will allow you learn and grow exponentially. No adversity will hold you back. Be proud of yourself, go forward and achieve your dreams. One patient, one attending, one hour, one day, one year at a time. Climb the mountain one step at at time.
    Begin your journey and complete it with pride.


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