Beware of counterfeit skin care products sold online

It’s no surprise that shopping online is not only convenient, but finding the best deals is easier and faster to navigate. Comparing the same product price online through various retailers is a smart way to shop.

However, the internet is also flooded with knock-off products, as well as misleading images of the actual product. So how do you know you’re getting what you’re paying for?

Many people don’t realize it is illegal for medical grade skin care products to be sold online, unauthorized.  The so-called “same product” could be sold for 25 to 50 percent cheaper online than at a physician’s office. However, the alluring savings could be costly for your skin.


Research shows many of these products are counterfeit, diluted, and expired, resulting in a complete loss of efficacy. In some cases, the product has been stored in such high temperatures that a burning sensation is felt when used, which can cause hyperpigmentation (dark patches). Other reported reactions are infection, rash, and erythema (reddening of the skin).

Medical grade skin care products contain highly active ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, vitamins A and C, growth factors, retinols, and peptides. These ingredients need to be fresh and stored correctly.

When purchasing medical grade products from an authorized physician’s office, you can be assured that the product was shipped straight from the vendor to the office within two days of order.

In many cases, authentic products are stored air tight with a cooling bag in a temperature-stable box. Therefore, the product has little chance of being altered or damaged. These measures are imperative to maintain the integrity of active products.

Using authorized skin care products could save your skin from serious allergic reactions. Everyone loves a good deal, but your skin should not pay the price.

-By Kim Chang, aesthetician with the Baylor Aesthetics Studio

2 thoughts on “Beware of counterfeit skin care products sold online

  • I think it can be a bit risky that buying skin care products online if you are not sure about the seller website. But, if I’m buying from a trustworhty platform online, there will be less risk. I also think we should consult a doctor if we use a product from an online shop. This article is very useful, thank you.

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