Is laser hair removal right for you?

Dermatology_36Maybe you are sick of shaving or plucking, or are looking for a more permanent solution to remove body hair.

Before you schedule an appointment for laser hair removal, Dr. Ramsey Markus, associate professor of dermatology and director of the Laser Surgery Center at Baylor College of Medicine, said there are four things to consider:

Hair color

As the target of the laser is the dark color of the hair itself, good candidates are those who have dark hair. Unfortunately white, blonde and fuzzy hairs do not respond well to laser hair removal.

In hormonally sensitive areas like the chin, patients may regenerate new hair later in life and may require occasional re-treatment, he said.

Skin type

It is important to make sure the right laser system is available for your skin type. Use of an improper laser system on darker skin can result in blistering and discoloration, something more of an issue in patients of color.

“In our clinic, we have four different laser systems and we pick and choose the right one based on the patient’s skin type and type of hair,” Markus said.


The laser is a tool that is only as good as the person using it. It is important to have laser hair removal performed by a trained, experienced individual with the proper technology.

Markus recommended meeting for a consultation before having any treatments to evaluate skin, discuss pros and cons and estimated cost. This also will allow the patient to learn more about the individual performing the treatment and the laser systems that are available.

At Baylor, an experienced registered nurse, who specializes in laser hair removal, has been performing the treatments for the past ten years, he said.


Since laser hair removal is permanent, Markus said it is important for patients to consider how they might feel about their decision down the road.

“Laser hair removal technology has progressed over the years and is very successful,” he said. “Most patients are happy after six to eight sessions.”

He noted the satisfaction rate for patients is very high, as most respond well to the treatment.

Additional Resources

Have questions about laser hair removal sessions? Read this Q&A.

For more information or to make an appointment for a laser hair removal consultation, call 713-798-6131.

-By Julia Parsons

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  • This is for those who wanted to get laser treatment. Before you schedule an appointment for laser hair removal, pls read this! Laser hair removal is a permanent reduction which can liberate you from shaving everyday. However with repeat sessions hair will be less visible and hairless with smooth skin which can have a lasting reduction, so that’s one less thing to be worrying about as you plan your day.

  • Thanks for your informative article about if laser hair removal is right for you. I didn’t know that hair color can play such an important factor for the procedure. I would like to have laser hair removal one day. Fortunately for me, I have dark hair, so this shouldn’t be a problem.


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