Welcome new medical students

Incoming medical students at Baylor College of Medicine are joining the College and beginning orientation today. Medical students, we welcome you to our community!

By the numbers

Here’s who’s starting at Baylor today:

185 Students Male = 97 Female = 88   Texans = 147 Non-Texan =  38  Mean GPA = 3.84 Mean MCAT Score (per section) = 11.73   52 US undergraduate institutions represented 32 different majors represented
Numbers provided by Baylor College of Medicine Office of Admission.


Anxious about what medical school may hold? Get stories from students as they navigate clinics, their thoughts on medicine and healthcare, and stories from the frontlines of research in our blog Progress notes.

Additional Resources

Baylor’s Interim Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and Professor of Surgery Dr. Mary Brandt offers advice for incoming students in her blog Wellness Rounds with:

-By Audrey M. Marks and Andy Phifer

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