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Images of the Month: A Special Collaboration

Scotty Sims, 2-year-old Harper, Jim Johnson and Dr. Edward Cooper meet in Cooper’s lab. Harper has a severe form of epilepsy that begins in the first few days of life, known as KCNQ2 deficiency. The family traveled from Denver to Houston to tour the lab and meet with Cooper who is leading the way in research to uncover mysteries surrounding this disease that was only discovered 2 years ago.

Harper’s parents first learned of Cooper’s research after searching online for more information about their daughter’s diagnosis. They found the Jack Pribaz Foundation, also known as Jack’s Army, created by Michael and Liz Pribaz after their son Jack was diagnosed more than two years ago.

The foundation supports KCNQ2-related research with grants and has been a support of Dr. Cooper’s work. Read more about Cooper and the Pribaz Foundation.

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