In Case You Missed It: BCM Momentum's launch, new collaborations, and more

In Case You Missed It: BCM Momentum’s launch, new collaborations, and moreIt’s the end of the work week and here at BCM Momentum, we’ll be using this space to look back on events, announcements, as well as medical, health, and education news to bring you interesting summaries and links, in case you missed it.

It’s been an exciting week at Baylor College of Medicine.

BCM happenings

Of course, we’re thrilled to roll out BCM Momentum!

We’re also excited that the College announced a new collaboration with Texas Children’s Hospital, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa, and Children’s Hospital of San Antonio to ensure that the children of South Texas will have access to world-class pediatric care. Read more about the newly announced alliance.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force announced this week a review of research that vitamin D and calcium supplements may not prevent bone fractures in older women. The task force, an independent panel of primary care providers that conducts scientific evidence reviews of clinical preventive health care services and forms recommendations, is chaired by Baylor College of Medicine’s own Dr. Virginia Moyer. Read more about the recommendation from the task force.

Heart to heart

While heart health month drew to a close yesterday, health tips never go out of date.

BCM cardiologists agree that your heart health could be improved by talking to your doctor about risks, prevention, treatments and even difficulty with medications.

In other news…

If only life were all fun and (video) games. An Italian study found that 21 surgical residents who played Nintendo Wii games that focus on hand-eye coordination performed significantly better than non-gamer surgical residents.

NPR’s blog “Shots” breaks down how researchers came to these conclusions (it has something to do with staring at video screens) and if medical schools will be racing out to buy consoles for students (not likely).

What was most notable for you this week?

-By Audrey M. Marks

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  • And my parents said that video-games would not help in life. I cannot wait to show them this article. Thank you for the information.


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