Throwback Thursday: Spin Urine, Get Money

When you can see how close you are to achieving your dream, it can make day-to-day life a little frustrating. It can be so frustrating when five days and a giant project stand between you and the weekend or when your Powerball numbers are this close.

This medical student from the 1974 Aesculapian Yearbook, courtesy of the Baylor College of Medicine Archives, knows what we’re talking about.

Courtesy of the Baylor College of Medicine Archives
Courtesy of the Baylor College of Medicine Archives

They can see their ticket out of performing lab duty, and that makes each test just a little more tedious. Spinning urine probably isn’t much fun anyway.

And by the way, if you need some numbers for the next Powerball, check out the blackboard in the background. Take the 19 and 74 from the year the picture was taken, and add 22, 31, 27 and 29. Who knows? They might be lucky.

By Andy Phifer

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