Throwback Thursday: Into the woods?

Photos of the City Hospital in Dallas in 1907 where then Baylor University College of Medicine students practiced.
Before becoming Baylor College of Medicine, students at Baylor University College of Medicine practiced at the City Hospital in Dallas. Patients were transported by horse and buggy./Photo courtesy Baylor College of Medicine Archives.

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday, where Dallas was still home to Baylor University College of Medicine and students were practicing at a hospital that looks like it’s in the woods.

Thanks to the Baylor University’s 1907 Round Up yearbook, we can sneak a peek at the city hospital and what constituted an ambulance. We’re sure women practicing medicine today are happy they aren’t required to wear light-colored dresses.

Keep coming back each Thursday as we explore Baylor College of Medicine’s history through BCM’s Archives full of awesome photos.

-By Audrey M. Marks

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  • Love this series… so interesting!


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