Before they graduate: MS4 wisdom

Donna Huang, Chaya Murali and Jupin Malhi
Donna Huang, Chaya Murali and Jupin Malhi

For more than six months, several fourth-year medical students have contributed their time and effort, as well as shared their experience and insight to our student blog Progress Notes.

As these students graduate from Baylor College of Medicine and embark on their careers, we take a look back at their training and time at Baylor.

Your favorite coat

Jupin Malhi, MS4 offers the next class at Baylor some advice as they don their short white coats.

“Wear it with pride; it’s a symbol of all that has come from the agonizing hours of your undergraduate coursework and all that has yet to come with the excruciating hours of training you will soon endure. But with that white coat, it’s all worth it…every single second,” Malhi writes.

Read her advice for first year medical students.

Digging into a patient’s history

Chaya Murali, MS4 said first-year students squirm and ask nervously when asking intimate details of their patient’s lives; it can range from questions about sexual history or asking a woman about her menstrual cycle.

However, she says there is nothing quite as intimate as a patient’s family history.

Read Chaya’s experience of taking family histories during her genetics rotations in Baylor’s molecular and human genetics department.

A different kind of lesson

Sometimes the lessons in medical school don’t happen in the classroom or come from our faculty. MS4 Donna Huang writes about visiting a community site during an assignment with a chaplain.

Read about Donna’s afternoon with the “most patient patient” she ever met, and the terminally ill.

What’s next

While our students shared the challenging aspects of classrooms, lectures and rotations, there are also rewards and exciting moments to share during medical school.

One of the most thrilling events for our medical students is Match Day, where our MS4s find out where they would train in the future.

Find out what’s next for Jupin, Chaya and Donna.

Additional resources

Read more of our students’ stories on Progress Notes.

Join us and celebrate our graduates during commencement May 27.

-By Audrey M. Marks

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